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The Association...


The Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists is a for profit International Corporation, (owned by the artists). We're not a charity. The Association is comprised only of artists who have lost or never had the use of their hands due to illness, accident, or birth defect. Our designs are created by holding a paint brush with either the mouth or foot. 


The Association has been in business for over 50 years. We have over 700 artists in 70 different countries. A total of 70 here in the U.S. We do not seek pity, what we do seek is an opportunity to earn an honest and independent living. Moreover, we pride ourselves on being a long standing business with a good reputation. 


Our goal is to provide you with quality products at a fair price. We offer; greeting cards for all occasions, a beautiful full color annual art calendar, stationary, gift wrap, and more. You can order these items online. However, If you don't feel comfortable making a purchase on-line, you may wish to be included on our mailing list where you will be informed and updated on our latest items.


Christmas-related products tend to be the most popular source of our income, there are a number of useful products that can be purchased and used at any time of the year. Please scroll down for more information...


(New) To order MFPA Products through our .PDF order form, go to our publishers web site at (Link to this website on the menu bar) select [our products], then select [order form]. That's it


Important note; We do not overwhelm our customers with mass mailings. We simply send out 2 small packet mailings per year. Each contains several sample cards, perhaps a calendar, and information on how to order. You can also call toll free (1-877) 637-2872

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